Frequently Asked Questions

What hours are you open for business?

We are open 7 nights from 5:30pm. Sun - Thurs we close at 9pm, Fri/Sat we are open till late depending how busy the restaurant is (e.g. 10:30pm).

Do you offer takeout or delivery services?

Yes, we are happy to receive orders by phone to collect or for delivery. Give us a call or stop by to make your order 06-952-5575.

Are you open for lunch?

No, we are only open for evenings from 5:30pm.

Are you open for public holidays?

Currently we do not open for public holidays.

What size reservations can you take?

We accept bookings of all sizes, from 2 - 50. We would love to hear from you and take your reservation, please call us on 06-952-5575. For larger bookings or on weekends we recommend calling us ahead of time to avoid disappointment.

Do you offer a set menu for larger bookings?

Yes, we can make arrangements to accomodate larger bookings. Please call 06-952-5575 to discuss what we can offer.

What is the average cost per head?

Our pizzas range from $9.90 (classic difamiglia pizza sun-wed weekly, takeaway only) to $29.50 for our largest gourmet pizza. Pizzas can usually be shared and when served with sides offer a modest cost for dining in ($15-$20 per head).

What forms of payment are accepted?

Cash, Cheque, EFTPOS, VISA, Master Card, American Express, Diners Card and also Motel Chargeback. Please note we DO NOT have mobile EFTPOS for deliveries.

Do you off motel chargeback for payment?

Yes, we accept payment by motel chargeback.

Do you have mobile EFTPOS for deliveries?

No, however we can accept credit card transactions by phone and collect a signature on delivery.

Where do you deliver to?

We will deliver to anywhere within the Palmerston North city limits.

Do you serve alcohol?

Yes, our restaurant is fully licensed to serve alcohol and also allows BYO bottled wine only.

Can we bring our own wine or beer?

We are licensed for BYO bottled wine only.

What is the cost of corkage?

The corkage fee is $5.00

Are your pizzas wood fired?

We use a conventional oven to cook our pizzas.

Can we choose our own toppings for a pizza?

Yes, we can make a pizza from your selection of toppings. Note that pizzas with gourmet toppings will be charged at gourmet price, simpler toppings will be charged at classic price.

Can we order half and half pizzas?

Yes, we are happy to make any combination but please note there is a $1.00 surchage for half & half pizzas. (available on DiFamiglia and Colossus only.)

How are Pompeii's pizzas different?

Our pizzas are hand made from scratch using only raw ingredients. We do not use pre-mixes or premade bases and use fresh local produce whereever possible. Our selection of pizzas are unique, tried and true. We believe our pizzas are a cut above the rest and can be enjoyed in a friendly and relaxing restaurant environment. All for a reasonable price!

What meal options do you offer for vegetarians?

Our main choices for vegetarians are the Victorious Vegetarius, Vegeteranean pizza's or our Garden salad. Vegetarians are also welcome to choose the toppings for their pizza to avoid meats.

What meal options do you offer for vegans?

Because it is difficult to avoid animal based products entirely our garden salad is the only possibility.

Do you offer gluten free pizza bases?

We do not currently offer gluten free bases. All of our pizza bases are freshly hand rolled, unfortunately due to the lack of demand we are unable to offer these specialty bases.

Are any of your meals gluten free?

Our Garden salad, Barbeque chicken salad or Beef salad are gluten free (if without crispy noodles). Unfortunately most of our meals do contain at least a small amount of flour, such as the light crumbing used to coat Tuscan chicken or Schnitzel.